I nostri prodotti tipici appena raccolti e subito trasformati

Here are the delicatessen Nature Iblea:

# Jams citrus of Sicily with brown sugar
# Honeys of Sicily with the exclusive famous honey carubbo
# Oregano to branch and crumbled
# Oil extra virgin olive cultivars Moorish
# Conserve typical Sicilian
# Tomatoes dried in the sun of Sicily

Organic production meets consumer demand for authentic food, of high quality and tasty

Line Delicatessen: Jams, Honeys, Oils and products with all the fragrance and scents of our land.

Our delicatessen all have something special! They are immediately processed after the harvest so that they maintain all the fragrances and flavors of fresh product to be returned to our consumers. Processing in the manual traditional way provides a “typicality” to the product that only the sun of Sicily can give.