WELFARE 2020: reconfirmed to Natura Iblea – Paniere Bio recognition for 5W

The PMI Welfare Index is an assessment that measures the company level in adopting good social practices for the benefit of employees ranging from 1W to 5W and the Natura Iblea- Paniere Bio has obtained one more time the maximum score in 2020.

Natura Iblea- Paniere Bio has used effective tools to strengthen the sustainability of the company by addressing the well-being and social security of employs and their families. The company grows sustainably and improves its performance also thanks to its ability to approach workers’ needs and manage relations with the environment in which it operates.
Natura Iblea – Paniere Bio does all this through company wellness projects, with consistency and continuity, transforming them into a real corporate strategy.

“With satisfaction we learned the confirmation for the fourth consecutive year of the recognition of the 5W as the best corporate welfare and best working environment, an important sign of the fact that good business can be done by putting at the first place the respect and support of the worker. “- this is the statement by the president of the Agricultural Society Natura Iblea s.r.l. – Mr. Giadone Roberto and Mr. Giadone Andrea administrator of the Paniere Bio at the publication of the annual ranking of the PMI Welfare Index prize (www.welfareindexpmi.it).

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